Organic Honey Berry Hand Soap
Rosebud Botanical's Honey Berry Hand Soap is a cleansing honey-colored soap
with a light, refreshing fragrance.  It is packaged in a reusable 12 oz glass muth jar embossed with a honey comb and script that reads 'one pound pure honey' topped with a foaming pump inserted in a cork. Choose your fragance from the pull down menu below.

Refills available in the pull down.
Jar with foam pump $21.50

2 Refills $18.50
 Organic Honey Berry Face Scrub
Made by Iowa bees and with Iowa grown aronia berries, Iowa's very own superfood.  These two ingredients, along with organic sugar, organic oils, and clays, make an effective, exfoliating scrub that clears the pores of clogging debris such as dirt, oil and makeup.  Honey Berry Face Scrub is gentle enough to use every day.  It leaves the skin clean, soft and
8 oz $18.50
 Lotion on a Stick

Lotion on a Stick glides on your skin leaving it soft and smooth.  Just push up from the bottom of the tube to reveal the specially formulated lotion with a black berry bomb fragrance. A take-with-you-anywhere compact moisturizer that is fun to use.
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 Eco-Tube Honey Berry Balm
Packaged in a unique, compostable cardboard tube, Honey Berry Lip Balm is
made with Iowa Honey, Iowa Aronia Berries, and certified organic ingredients that soothe dry lips. 

 Berry Body Bar
Rosebud Botanical’s Lotion bar is a great moisturizing lotion especially designed for those who wash their hands frequently.  The natural ingredients, such as, shea butter, cocoa butter and almond oil restore the natural oils of your skin keeping your hands soft and smooth.  The lotion bar is packages in a hinged top tin container that will fit in your pocket or sit by the sink for easy access.
3 fl.oz $5.50

 Berry Body Milk

Rejuevenate and refresh your thirsty, dry skin with Rosebud Botanical's Berry Body Milk. Aronia Berry and Calendula infusion provide a refreshing smoothness to the skin while the organic plant oils soften and soothe. The light citrus fragrance is phthalate-free and leaves a fresh, cool scent of clean.
8 fl.oz $12.00

 Berry Body Batter


Rosebud Botanicals' Berry Body Batter is a thick, rich cream with Iowa Aronia Berries that add antioxidants and vitamins that repair and heal the skin and organic plant oils designed to soothe the skin. With the phthalate-free milk chocolate fragrance and organic cocoa butter, Rosebud Botanical’s Berry Body Milk is like a chocolate treat for the skin. YUM!

8 fl.oz $15.00

 Organic Herbal Berry Bath Balls

After a long, busy day of working and/or running children, take time out for yourself and enjoy a soak in the tub with Rosebud Botanical’s all organic herbal bath.  Because of the complex properties of plants, this herbal combination does for you what you need it to do.  It may rejuvenate, relax, reduce swelling, revive after an illness, relieve tension, and energize.  This herbal bath will also soften, soothe and protect the skin, a must during the harsh winter months.  The bath balls are made up of a 100% compostable muslin bag filled with a blend of herbs packaged in a larger muslin bag wrapped in 100% compostable cellulose.

$16.00/pkg of 5
$4.00/bath ball

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